PestGuard Termite & Pest Control is an innovative, forward thinking pest control company that specialises in providing safe and effective termite and pest control solutions to home owners and businesses on the Central Coast, NSW. We pride ourselves on results and only use the latest and safest technologies to achieve them.

Trent Giddings, owner/operator, entered the pest control industry in 1999. He commenced work as a technician for a family owned pest control company operating in country NSW. He later undertook management studies which lead him to obtaining business development and management roles with three of the world’s leading agricultural chemical manufacturers - DuPont, FMC and Syngenta.

Exposure to the research and development, along with the trial work these companies regularly conduct on their products, armed him with the knowledge he needs to choose the safest and most effective solutions, for every pest problem, every time.

Trent PestGuard

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